7 Characteristics of the Perfect Bridal Party


After the love of your life, there are some really important people that you want to stand beside you on your wedding day: your bridesmaids. They support you in the time leading up to the big day. They help you figure out details for the day, send you little gifts to help in the stress, and celebrate you. They are the ones who are with you the entire day, getting ready together, crying together, laughing together, eating together. They are the ones who tell you that you look beautiful in your dress. They fix your makeup when it doesn't feel right. They make sure every curl is in place and they learn how to bustle your dress. These girls are the ones you remind you why you're marrying him when you start to get cold feet. They hold your hand and pray with you when you're anxious about all the details of the day. 

That's why it's important that they have these key characteristics of the perfect bridal party.

1. The ones you love.

First and foremost, you need to pick the girls who you love.  Whether you've known them for a couple of months or your entire life, having the girls you love with you on your wedding day will be incredibly special.

2. The ones who will support you.  

This is a really big day for you and it will cause a whole lot of stress for you. Therefore, these girls will need to support you every step of the way. Whether that means helping you plan the wedding or holding your hand while you cry, being supportive is an important characteristic of a bridesmaid.

3. The ones who know you. 

You probably shouldn't pick that girl you talked to once. Your bridesmaids should know you so that they can best support and encourage you. You have a specific personality and love language, certain likes and dislikes, and special ways to make you happy. If your bridesmaids know those things, they can love you and support you so much better.

4. The ones who will help you say no.  

As an anti-conflict kind of person, I need people around me who will help me say no to things that I don't want. And when it comes to wedding planning, you have to say no to a lot of people. Everyone has ideas and opinions and they don't always match yours. You need girls who will encourage you in these times and remind you that it's your day so you're allowed to say no.

5. The ones who will let you say no.  

Sometimes the people you have to say no to are your bridesmaids. They need to understand that it's your day and you have to say no sometimes. Bonus points if they remind you to tell them if you don't like something that they suggest.

6. The ones who will remind you why you're doing this.  

When all of the stress of planning and finances and life hit you, you may need your girls to remind you that it will all be worth it in the end because you're marrying the love of your life.

7. The ones you want to stand next to you when you say I do.  

In the end, you know who you want to stand beside you. The ones who come to mind when you think "bridesmaid" are the ones you want to have there with you through this amazing moment in your life.

I hope this list has helped you decide who to invite into your bridal party. Whether you were narrowing down a big list of friends or struggling to come up with a few girls, this list should point you in the right direction. 

Happy wedding planning!