5 Must-Have Sites for Wedding Planning


Planning a wedding is hard! There are so many things you have to do, so many details to cover, and if you're like us, so little time to get it all done. I don't regret having a 6 month engagement, but i wouldn't have been able to get this far without some of the great websites I've found. There are lots of great resources out there for the brides-to-be who are working hard to plan this big, beautiful day. I'm sharing a few that have been especially helpful for me.

The Knot


When Eric and I first got engaged, we made an account with the Knot almost immediately. As a wedding photographer, I'd heard of the Knot, but I hadn't used it. I had no idea that it had such great resources for couples getting married. When Eric created an account, our eyes were opened to the wonderful world of the Knot.

Some of the great features that the Knot has are:

  • Planning tools

  • Local vendors

  • A personal wedding website

  • Photos

  • Ideas + Advice

  • Online RSVP

  • Registry

Of all of these, my favorite is the registry. Obviously you don't register with the Knot, but the Knot keeps track of every place you register. If you've ever been a bride before, then you probably know that it's impossible to register at one place and be happy. Target has the best this but Bed Bath and Beyond has the best this but Amazon has free shipping for Prime members but they don't have everything we want...it's a problem that I'm pretty sure every soon-to-be-wed couple has. The Knot has a great solution: all your registries in one place! 

Along with that, you have a wedding website that you can create to showcase your relationship, your registry, your guest list (online RSVP ftw!), and more. It is such a great tool that makes sharing everything with others so easy. All you have to do is share one link and they can see everything. Check out ours here!



I have heard so many brides say that they didn't look at Pinterest when they were planning their wedding. I don't understand. Why wouldn't you want to take advantage of this site that exists for people who want to find ideas, get tips, and save money? As a bride (who is not a stylist) planning a budget-wedding, Pinterest has been an amazing tool for me.

I have had Pinterest for years. I started out using it to pin outfits that I could never afford, but it's turned into the place I go to find ways to afford the things I want. It's always been one of my favorite websites, but it's been really cool to watch it grow into this community of people who share ideas, projects, recipes, etc.

Pinterest used to be a little disorganized. You could create boards and pin things to specific boards, but each board was a mess (especially if you pinned like a thousand things to it). But right around the time I got engaged, they released this feature that allows you to organize your boards into sections. I am a big fan of being organized and it has been incredibly helpful in organizing everything I want to do for the wedding into specific sections, like reception set-up, ceremony, florals, etc. Check out my wedding board here to see what I mean! 

Pinterest is such a great thing and more brides should take advantage of it!

Your wedding linen


This one isn't really a wedding planning tool, but it saved me a ton of money. Eric and I shopped a lot around for an event rentals place because they are all incredibly expensive. I'm in the wedding industry, so I understand that things are expensive, but it was really difficult to find someone who had what we wanted in our budget. We found somewhere, but the tablecloths were still more than they should be. 

So I looked online and found a place that I could buy them for half the price. Your Wedding Linen has some weird tablecloths, but if you look for them, they have some that are pretty good quality. Instead of paying $9 a piece for something you're just going to have for one night, pay $4.72 a piece for something you can use in the future (or donate to a church that needs them). 



Etsy is a beautiful place. Although many things on this site are expensive (which makes sense, because so much of it is handmade by small businesses), there are some things that you can't really find anywhere else at the same quality.

I highly recommend shopping Etsy for:

  • Bridesmaid/Groomsmen gifts (I bought really cute robes for my bridesmaids and I got them on sale!)

  • Something to throw for your exit (we're buying biodegradable confetti that's made of flowers)

  • Cake toppers or chair signs (for a styled shoot, I bought a "better together" sign for the bride and grooms chairs and they were so cute)

  • Wedding planner sheets (I actually made my own, but for those who don't want to do the work, there are some great resources you can purchase)

There are lots of beautiful options on Etsy and it's a fun place to dream up ideas. Sometimes when you search for something, you find something else that you weren't expecting but you end up loving.

Google drive


As a long distance couple planning a wedding, Google Drive has been a life saver. We can share to-do lists, our guest list, our budget, and more. instead of just talking about it or keeping separate documents with all the info, we can have it all in one place. This keeps us both up to date on what we've already accomplished and allows us to communicate about what else needs to be done. 

You don't have to be long distance for this to be helpful. It can help keep any couple organized and help with their communication about all things wedding.

Try tHem out

Now that you know about all the things that have helped us as we are planning our wedding, go check them out! I genuinely believe that these can help you out too. Did I miss any great wedding planning websites or apps? Share them below so that other couples can share in the goodness!

Thanks for listening,