4 Things Brides Shouldn't Stress About


Planning a wedding can be so stressful, but it doesn’t have to be as stressful as it is. With all of the things on your to do list, I have a few that you can cross right off and quit worrying about. There are some things that you just can’t control or shouldn’t have to control, and those are the things that you don’t need to stress about. I’ve compiled four of those things below:


ONE // Other people’s opinions.

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Whose wedding are you planning? That’s right, yours and your future spouse’s. This isn’t your mom’s or your future cousin-in-law’s wedding. The opinions that are the most important during this process are yours and your fiancé’s.

Am I saying that your mother-in-law’s opinion doesn’t matter at all? Of course not. You’re joining two (or more) families together, so they are a part of this process. However, they are not the main part of the process. Your opinion on your wedding details should always trump others’ opinions (go ahead and have pizza if you want to, even if your mom thinks it’s not traditional enough). You have no reason to stress over whether you’re pleasing everyone else. Okay? Okay.


TWO // Perfection.

Photo by  Jessy Herman Photo .

I hate to break it to you, but your wedding is not going to be perfect. It’s just impossible for everything to be perfectly the way you envisioned it to be.

The photo above is from my wedding. I had this beautiful vision of this perfect, vintage window frame with my beautifully design table cards. Unfortunately, whoever set it up didn’t know my vision, so they pulled one of the glued-on clips and stuck one of the pages on the tree (I feel like it was an obvious thing to leave the already glued-on clip where I put it, but whatever), which left one of the window panes partially open. I was a little annoyed when I saw it in the photos later, but it just made me realize that no matter how much I tried, my wedding was never going to be perfect.

As soon as you come to that realization, the sooner you can stop stressing over every single detail. I have good news, though. No matter how imperfect the day is, you’re still going to marry your best friend (which is the best thing ever, let me tell ya).


THREE // The Weather.

Photo from my wedding by  Jessy Herman Photo .

Photo from my wedding by Jessy Herman Photo.


It was forecasted to rain on my wedding day for the entire two weeks leading up to the day. When September 29th arrived, the skies were clear and blue. There wasn’t a single drop the entire day (I mean look at that photo, it was PERFECT weather).

I have also photographed weddings that were interrupted by storms, drenched in hot sun, and covered in clouds. Not one of the couples married on these days were affected by the weather. We just grabbed some umbrellas or a nice shady spot, and in the end, they got married anyway.

Instead of worrying about what the weather will look like on your wedding day, plan for it. Purchase some nice umbrellas (you can find some affordable ones on Amazon here, which you can see being used in the pictures below), rent a tent, or have a plan B location, and go marry your best friend.

My point is: worrying about the weather will literally do nothing, so just pray, prepare, and plan on.

rain on your wedding day
rain on your wedding day

FOUR // Doing it “right.”


There is no “right way” to plan a wedding. If you search “wedding planning” on Pinterest, you’ll find tons of checklists and timelines for planning your wedding. These resources can be incredibly helpful, but they can also put so much pressure on you to get everything done by the right time or to do everything the right way.

I’m here to tell you to STOP stressing about doing it “right.” Just do it the way you want to do it and that will be the right way. I promise, it’ll be okay no matter how many checklists or timelines you follow. I mean, I had pizza at my wedding, we didn’t send save-the-dates, and we didn’t get a tent, even though it was forecasted to rain. Those are all wrong in some people’s eyes, but we did it anyway and guess what? We still got married and none of that even mattered.


If you’ve been worrying about one or more of these four items, now is the time to stop. Take a deep breath, shake these things off, and tackle some of the important things on your to do list (like picking our your dream dress or hanging out with that future-spouse and preparing for your marriage). You’ve got this! Before you know it, you’ll be married to your best friend!

Did I miss anything? What’s stressing you out? Tell me in the comments below!


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