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My name is Haili. I'm a photographer, a writer, a reader, an adventurer, and a Jesus-loving girl who is making things happen. 

I enjoy working with couples who like an adventure. Those who will stand in the rain and look at each other with the same amount of love in their eyes as they would if it was dry and sunny. Those who will climb a mountain or a tree to get a beautiful shot. Those who enjoy walking through the woods and aren't afraid to get a little dirty. I've worked with all kinds of couples and I've found that my favorite are those who don't want the normal, behind-the-church, quick-before-we-have-to-be-at-the-reception shots. My favorite are the ones who value the capturing of their memories and want them to be as beautiful and authentic as possible. 

If that sounds like something you value, then maybe I'm the right photographer for you. I'd love to chat, so click that button right below here. Want to get to know me a little better before making the plunge into a conversation with me? Jump down, learn a few facts about me, and read my story. 



How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great.

Meet Haili | Haili Jean Photography


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My story

While I was growing up, I was often the one holding the camera. I loved taking photos of people. It was more fun for me to walk around with a camera at an event than it was for me to just stand there and make small talk. The introvert in me loved having something to do when I was surrounded by people. It was my little escape. At one point, I decided that I wanted to be a professional photographer, but that dream was quickly squashed by any conversations about future careers because I didn't think I could actually have a career as a photographer. I proceeded to go after other things.

Photo by  Jessy Herman Photo .

Fast forward to my first year of college. I went to an art school called Columbia College in Chicago where I studied creative writing, which I still love. Surrounded by creative people, how could I not feel the pull back toward my love of photography? Previously, I had started following a wedding photographer on Instagram because I had met her sister and sister's husband on a high school missions trip. This photographer, whose business is KariMe Photography, had beautiful work that I admired a lot. I noticed that not only was her work beautiful, but she was actually making money with it. She had made a career with photography. I decided that if she could do it, then I could too. So.

I sold my car and bought my first camera.

After that, I started taking photos of anyone who would stand in front of my camera, trying to build my portfolio and teach myself everything I needed to know. It took awhile to get to where I am now. I did a lot of shooting without pay, shooting for little pay, and doing shoots that I didn't love. Now, I am starting to really get into what I love: weddings and engagements. 


I love couples. I love love. I love shooting couples in love. That is my passion and I'm working hard to be able to only shoot things that I'm passionate about.

That's my photography story but as for my personal life, I'll give you a few fun facts. I love both cats and dogs, but especially huskies and golden retrievers. I love to read young adult novels and I'd like to write one. I’m actually studying Professional Writing and Information Design at Cedarville University. I’d love to work in marketing at some sort of publishing company after I graduate! I love nature and I want to live in the mountains someday, but I'm stuck in Ohio until 2020. I’m married to my best friend and I love spending life with him. That’s a photo of us on the right!

Want to know more? Shoot me an email and we can chat.



FAQ | Haili Jean Photography

How many weddings do you take per year?

I’m accepting 15 weddings in 2020! I’m not full time yet, so accepting any more than that is a little overwhelming.

How long have you been photographing weddings?

I’ve been doing photography since March of 2016, but I didn’t start second shooting at weddings and shooting my first wedding by myself until the summer of 2017.

Where are you based out of? Do you travel?

I’m currently based out of Ohio, but we plan to move in the next year or so (we just don’t know where yet)! I do travel! I’m happy to make a trip to wherever you want your love story captured. Bonus points if that place includes mountains.

Do you have payment plans?

I require a 20% non-refundable retainer to book your date, then the remaining 80% is due 30 days prior to the wedding. You can split that into payments (up to 3) if that makes it easier for you. I’m happy to make the process a little easier!

Does your husband always shoot with you?

Typically, yes! He wasn’t a photographer before we met, but he has grown to like shooting alongside me. As long as he isn’t working, he’s usually at every wedding with me!

How many images will I get?

Every wedding varies! It really depends on how much time you allow for portraits at your wedding and how many details your wedding has. I can’t guarantee a certain number, but I promise to always include plenty of images of everything I capture. I don’t believe in keeping any photos from you or charging you extra for them. They are your memories and I want to make sure you are able to treasure them all.

What if you can’t make it to my wedding?

The only reason this would happen is if it was out of my control (act of God, illness, death, etc.). But if it did, I would do my best to find a replacement photographer for you that matched my style. I would either have them shoot and I’ll edit the photos, or I would refund your money and let the other photographer do it all. I’d let you choose.

FAQ | Haili Jean Photography

FAQ | Haili Jean Photography

How quickly will I receive my images?

For engagement shoots, you’ll receive them within two weeks. For weddings, I typically get your photos to you within 6-8 weeks, but for my busier times (AKA later in the summer and into fall), it’ll be closer to 8-10 weeks. Eventually, if I’m able to go full time, I’m hoping to shorten those times a bit!

What should we wear for our shoot?

I’m currently working on a guide just for this! But I also have this Pinterest board where I’ve collected a bunch of recommended outfits for engagement shoots. Feel free to ask for my help.

What if there is bad weather?

First of all, “bad weather” can look totally cool in photos and make it a more fun/unique experience. I always have some nice, clear umbrellas with me in case of rain. If the weather is AWFUL and will just make the shoot miserable, then we can definitely reschedule. If it’s during your wedding, don’t worry, I know how to shoot in rain and stormy weather. I gotchu!

Do you help with the planning process?

Heck yeah! I have shot many weddings and I’m married myself, so I am happy to share any knowledge I have with you. I actually write a lot of blog posts about wedding planning, which you can check out here! But you can also just reach out and ask my advice ANY TIME. I love getting to help my clients!